Pre-Conference Workshop Day
Tuesday, March 28


Achieving Continued Commercial Success for Digital Health Solutions
10am - 12pm

The commercial success of digital health solutions is not guaranteed.
Despite a clear need and demand for these next-generation technologies, many companies come to a standstill when trying to successfully commercialize and scale. Developmental and market access timelines are faster and the cost of studies are lower compared to pharmaceutical counterparts, so how can digital health companies maintain this momentum and speed by continuing to capitalize and grow their commercial margins post launch? This is your chance to learn practical strategies from seasoned digital health experts to implement into your business:

Join this workshop to learn how to:
• Strategically choose and optimize business model opportunities for digital health solutions
• Enable healthcare providers to prescribe digital health solutions via
formularies, payor coverage, and reimbursement
• Utilize a business-to-consumer base to launch and scale into business-to-business partnerships

Workshop Leaders

doug b

Doug Biehn
Cala Health

Matthew tucker

Matthew Tucker


Integrating the Digital Paradigm into the Healthcare System
1pm - 3pm

Digital transformation in healthcare can empower clinicians by providing additional tools and reducing workload. However, bureaucratic red tape alongside skepticism pose significant barriers to the successful integration and adoption of digital solutions. Therefore, proving that digital health won’t burden and will enable clinicians to integrate a patient-focused approach into their practice is essential to driving provider adoption.

Join this workshop to learn how to:
• Navigate through the noise of the digital health landscape to position
your solution and compete with rival offerings
• Overcome skepticism and create provider buy-in to get solutions into the hands of patients
• Demonstrate quality of health outcomes to demonstrate your product is advantageous over internal systems

Workshop Leaders

Georgia Mitsi

Georgia Mitsi
GM, Mental Health and VR Solutions

laura y

Laura Yecies
Bone Health Technologies